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Monday, May 5, 2008

Shopping Day

Last Sunday, we went to Sunway Pyramid to have our brunch because Tong Tong’s grandparents want to buy a new bed frame at Lorenzo which located at Sunway Pyramid, New Wing. We arrived at there around 10.45am and the shopping centre still not very crowded yet. After a short discussion, we decided to have our brunch at Dragon-I Restaurant because Tong Tong’s grandparents were more prefer to Chinese cuisine. When we walked in to the Dragon-I Restaurant, we were the 1st customer on that day and we get a good seated place where we can have a nice view of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Nice scenery of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park from Dragon-I Restaurant.

This was the menu of Dragon-I Restaurant. If I m not mistaken, they changed their menu recently and they also adjust some price and portion of the food and cuisine.

If you dine in here with a kid, they will automatically served u a set of children dining set. It consists of 1 bowl, 1 fork and 1 spoon. There was Mickey & friend picture printed on the dining set. Tong Tong was so happy when she saw this lovely Mickey Mouse dining set. Now, she can recognizes Mickey Mouse and keeps on saying “MICKEY! MICKEY!” This happen because Disney channel was her favorite TV channel at home.

Look! Tong Tong enjoyed playing with her Mickey Mouse dining set.

But, suddenly her face changed to this when we scold her for doing some bad behavior at there. I really can't understand where she learns of these attitudes? OMG................! After our brunch, we went for some window shopping.

Tong Tong was so happy and enjoyed shopping with her grandparents. After this, we went to Lorenzo to choose a new bed frame and can u imagine what Tong Tong do at there? Let us have a look now:

Look! She was also enjoyed testing the new Lorenzo sofa.

After shopping at Lorenzo, we pass by OSIM and Tong Tong wanted to have a try on the new OSIM Urobic. She really enjoyed ridding on the OSIM Urobic.

Later, we also saw some children and parents line up to take a free balloon at OSIM. Therefore, Tong Tong and her MaMa also line up to get a free balloon.

After waiting around 10 minutes, it was Tong Tong turn to get a free balloon. Tong Tong was a bit nervous while waiting for her free balloon to be done.Maybe she was just nervous what she will get later….Hahahaa!

Finally, she got a flower balloon.

She was enjoyed with her flower balloon.

Before we end up our shopping at Sunway Pyramid, we saw something funny in front of J.Co Donuts & Coffee. A few people wearing some chef costume and standing there like a doll. I think they were doing advertisement over there. What a funny idea of advertisement!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Precious Moments

This post was published for the purpose of sharing some precious moments between Dao Dao and Tong Tong recently. Now, they can seat together and play together without any worry. Let's have a look on it now:

They can seat together silently.

They can also play together.

Hopefully we can take more photos of them sharing their precious moments together in the future.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Before and After

Finally, I manage to get a new bottle of conditioning shampoo for Dao Dao at Pets Lover Centre, Sunway Pyramid. Actually I plan to shower Dao Dao since few days ago but his conditioning shampoo was empty and I couldn’t manage to get a new bottle for him because it was out of stock. However, I manage to get a new bottle for him when I was shopping at Sunway Pyramid last night. So, today will be Dao Dao’s shower day.

This is the conditioning shampoo which Dao Dao used to use. The procedure of using conditioning shampoo on Dao Dao was just same like the procedure we used to do for our daily shower time. After shampooing, I will pour some mixture of water and conditioning shampoo on Dao Dao’s body. Later, I will leave it on Dao Dao’s body around 1 minute before cleaning by water. Usually, I will massage his body while waiting at that moment. After shower time, I will do a grooming sessions on Dao Dao and below show the picture of Dao Dao before I do a grooming on him.

This is the picture which I took before his grooming sessions started. After half an hour using hair dryer to blow his hair and coat, he will look like the picture show below:

Don’t u think he look more handsome after this? Try to compare his hair and coat before and after the grooming session. U can definitely see the difference.

And this is his final look after the grooming session finish. He looks so handsome and confident after this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Sleeping Prince ~ Dao Dao

Does u ever imagine what Dao Dao will do in his daily life? This is the answer:

He will sleeping……......ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzz


and sleeping also..........ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzz...........Actually nothing much he can do besides of sleeping, right? Hahaha! Wish him always have a sweet dream while enjoyed his sleeping time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Princess Yi Xuan's Birthday Party

As I mentioned in the previous post, Yi Xuan Ah Goh will celebrate her 11 years old birthday in this April. After a few weeks of discussion, we decided to pre-celebrate her birthday on last Saturday because her actual birthday falls in weekdays.

As promised to the birthday girl, we will organize a Winnie the Pooh + Princess Belle theme birthday party for her. This is because she loves Winnie the Pooh & Princess Belle very much. Therefore u can see mostly of her birthday presents and party decorations were from the combination of these two Disney character.

Besides, these 3 little Ah Goh also prepared a dancing and singing performance for us before the birthday party start.

They really put so many efforts in the preparation of the dancing and singing performance because I promised to give each of them a reward if they really can make a performance in front of us. However, something funny happened. Suddenly, Tong Tong participated in the performance without prior notice to these 3 little Ah Goh.

As u can see in the above picture, Tong Tong suddenly appeared while these 3 little Ah Goh were dancing and singing. Maybe she was a bit curious of what they were doing at that moment.

Because of this, every one was keep laughing and laughing when we saw Tong Tong appeared in the performance.

A few second later, Tong Tong left the performance without prior notice. These 3 little Ah Goh also didn’t bother about Tong Tong and continuous with their performance. Can u guess where Tong Tong go? The answer was show in the below picture:

She runs away because she also wanna dancing with her little friend. After the performance, we started our birthday song singing session.

We ordered an edible picture cake for Yi Xuan Ah Goh. This edible picture cake was made from the self-edit photo of Yi Xuan and all her beloved Disney character. Besides, we also bought some numerical candles and HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles to represent her 11 years old birthday + a Princess Belle toys as cake topper.

She was so happy when she saw all her favorites Disney Character and her portraits were printed on the cake.

She also gets her favorites Winnie the Pooh Soft Toys for her 11 years old birthday.

She really felt excited and happy when all her dreams come true because all her wishes for this year birthday just became reality after that night. However, another funny incident happened when we were ready to take photo with the birthday girl. Look at the picture below:

Tong Tong was so excited and make greeting to her MaMa when she saw her MaMa standing in front of her. At that moment, her expression was really funny. Hahahaha!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Naughty Tong Tong

Nowadays, Tong Tong really loves to play with Dao Dao. Once she saw me, she will just keep saying “Dao Dao”. When she saw Dao Dao came to visit her, her emotion will become very high and active all the night. Maybe I can said she will become “hyper-active + happy” when she saw Dao Dao. Sometimes I found out she was really naughty and always try to disturb Dao Dao while Dao Dao was lying at the floor. Look at the below picture:

Tong Tong will keep disturbing Dao Dao while Dao Dao was lying at the floor. Sometimes Dao Dao was too tired to play with her but she still keep on disturbing Dao Dao. As a result, can u imagine what was happened after this ……….

Dao Dao runs back to the room! Hahaha!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another birthday party this week !!!

Recently, Tong Tong really a bit busy for attending birthday party! There was another birthday party last night! It’s a Pikachu themed birthday party for uncle Jun who celebrated his 8 years old birthday! Below picture shows the Pikachu themed cake which we ordered for him.

The birthday boy~Boon Jun love Pikachu very much and we had been “forced” by him to order a custom made Pikachu cake for his 8 years old birthday. However, something funny happened last night. It’s seemed like Tong Tong birthday because all of us just enjoy singing birthday song towards Tong Tong.

We practiced our birthday song before the birthday celebration begun! Hahaha….even though Tong Tong also felt that she was the one who celebrated birthday last night!

Looks! Tong Tong really thought that we were celebrated birthday for her when we light up the candles.

However, she realized it was Uncle Jun’s birthday when she saw Uncle Jun standing behind the birthday cake and holding a huge Pikachu balloon.

Actually he was the one who celebrated birthday last night! He was Tong Tong’s uncle who named Boon Jun! Although he was just 8 years old, but Tong Tong still need to call him UNCLE JUN. Hahaha….

Uncle Jun was so happy when he blowing the birthday candles.

These 3 little Ah Goh also felt very happy when they saw this cute Pikachu themed cake. I think they should be thinking of the theme of their coming birthday especially Yi Xuan Ah Goh who will celebrate her birthday in this coming April.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jayden !

Today, Tong Tong will going to attend a birthday party for Jayden at McDonalds near Centerpoint. It is Jayden 2nd birthday and his Dadi and Mami organize a McDonald’s themed birthday party for him. Hopefully Tong Tong can enjoy herself and knows more friends in Jayden boy’s birthday party.

Tong Tong’s family hereby records their wishes to Jayden boy for his 2nd birthday. May all his dreams come true and friendship forever between Tong Tong’s family and Jayden’s family! Once again:


Hope u will like the present which bought by Tong Tong's family to u. It is something very meaningful for u and ur Dadi and Mami to share together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Watching TV together

Nowadays, Dao Dao and Tong Tong not only can play together, both of them also can share their precious moments together in the same room without any worry. After a few months together, they really accept each others and love to share their life together. Look at the below picture:

Dao Dao was sitting there to protect Tong Tong while Tong Tong was watching TV. Both of them really can live peacefully and happy without any worry. All of us were so happy when we saw this happened.

They really love to share their precious moments together now. This was what we always wish to happen from the day of Tong Tong born.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fatman Steamboat Party @ Qi Qi Ah Goh Birthday Party

Last Sunday, all of us gather at my grandma’s house to have a “Fatman Steamboat Party” (or “FEI LOU LOK LOK Party”). I thought I could snap some nice photo of the “LOK LOK” provided by the uncle….BUT….my family members were so crazy and they finished all the food before I reach there.

When I reach around 7:45pm, almost all the foods had finished. What I can saw was just empty plates inside the “Fatman Steamboat” car. I really can’t believe they can finish the whole car of foods within 45 minutes…They were really CRAZY ………

Luckily, Tong Tong’s MaMa reserved some of the foods for us. After the meals, I took some photos for them in front of the “LOK LOK” car.

Tong Tong with her Ah Gong and the man behind them was the uncle who drove the steamboat car to our place and served us on that night.

Tong Tong with her MaMa.

Qi Qi Ah Goh with the steamboat car. She was the one who also celebrated birthday on that night!

These 3 little Ah Goh also wanna took photo with the steamboat car. Really nothing foods left in the car, just left some ice cubes.......After enjoyed our meals, we started our birthday celebration party for the little Qi Qi Ah Goh. This was the cake we bought for her:

This was the Cinderella Themed Cakes which we order at Bakery Cottage. She told me that she loves Cinderella, therefore I custom made a birthday card and birthday balloons for her and she was the Cinderella! Actually I plan to print her photo as an edible image on the cakes but this kind of edible image cake need advanced 3 days booking. Maybe I should order the cake more early next year.

She looked so happy when all of us sing birthday song for her! May all her dreams come true!

3 little Ah Goh and our little TongTong took photo with some of the presents on that night.

As a reward of taking good care of Tong Tong, these 3 little Ah Goh also get a Beanie Toys as a gift on that night! Yellow Beanie for Yi Xuan Ah Goh, Green Beanie for Qi Qi Ah Goh, Pink Beanie for Sook Hwei Ah Goh and the Red Beanie for our little Tong Tong! This world really not fair…..Hahaha! How come Tong Tong also can get a gift??? I think this is becoz she also spent her precious moments for this 3 little Ah Goh to take care of her on every weekend…..She also got put her effort and time lar.....espeically when ~~~~~

they wanna played together. Look! They put Tong Tong inside a bag which full of balls.

And Tong Tong really put so many effort when played with these 3 little Ah Goh. She really enjoyed all the time when played with them. So, she also can get a gift as reward lor......Hahahaha!